For Milan Design Week 2024 we exhibited our SUPERSALE – SUPERPEPE project at Sit feast, on your life a hybrid installation-roundtable-dinner party held at DOPO? featuring over 50 international creatives.

An object can become the driver for sharing narratives, this is what SUPERSALE – SUPERPEPE tells youMany superstitions are widespread in Sicily, one in particular related to salt. If you spill salt at the table it brings misfortune, in addition you cannot pass it from hand to hand. Riccardo is Sicilian and extremely superstitious, Ilaria laughs about this, nevertheless she has decided to play along. Together they came up with a solution that would make fun of this superstition. A salt and a pepper rack that cannot fall and that, by rolling, does not need to be passed from hand to hand.

Activity: product design
Year: 2024
MDW24 for @sit.feast
Exhibition at DOPO?
Photo & creative direction: LIVER
Press: Sit, feast on your life